Labor Day Hot Running 

This is one of those weeks.  If you have run with Marathoner In Training in the past, you know that Labor Day week seems to always present challenges for training in the heat and humidity.  If you’ve not run or walked with MIT prior to this season, please be prepared for a warm training session on Saturday.

Of course, the Fleet Feet + FrontRunner team will have ample water and Gatorade available at our usual stops along the trail.  However, there are a few other tips for you to consider regarding this week’s training:

  • Hydrate appropriately.  We usually hear people say that they drink when they’re thirsty and that is a pretty good rule of thumb.  But, you’ll also be losing a lot of salt with your sweat, so make sure you take in some electrolytes whether that is with a sports drink, gel, or block.

  • It’s OK to slow down if you have to.  Humidity makes it very difficult for sweat to evaporate from your skin, which is one of the primary mechanisms that helps keep your body cool.  When it’s humid, and you might not be cooling as you normally would on a 50° day with low humidity, don’t be bashful about slowing down a few seconds per mile.

  • Dress appropriately including high tech sweat wicking fabrics, sunglasses, visor, etc.

  • Time your training runs appropriately.  If you can get out early in the morning, great. Our Saturday run and walk will take place as soon as the sun rises and we will try to have you off the trail as early as possible.  

  • If you have to run by yourself this weekend, please run in familiar loops so you can return home as soon as possible. This weekend is not the best time to try a new out-and-back course that would have you 9 miles from home looking for an Uber car.

  • Finally, be smart about your training. If you’re running with our group, please listen to your coach.  If you’re training by yourself, please make good decisions and consult with us if you have any questions.

If you’d like to read some more about the details on training in the heat and humidity, attached is a hallmark article:

Together let's have a great MIT season as we work towards our autumn half marathons and marathons.  If we can assist you with injury prevention, maintenance, or rehabilitation, please feel free to contact Fit For Life Physical Therapy at (614) 981-1979 or