Recovery Room

 Fit For Life Physical Therapy is excited to bring you our Recovery Rooms Powered By NormaTec and AlterG.  If you liked your free trial during the Columbus Marathon weekend, you’re going to love the full treatment!  These high tech machines can help aid in your recovery from a race, long training session, or injury.

The NormaTec boots are used to enhance blood flow and speed recovery using a massage pattern with pulsing compression, gradient pressure, and distal release to assist with your return to form.

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill uses precision unweighting to begin injury recover, post-surgery rehabilitation, stress fracture weight bearing, and other training techniques sooner and safer than previously available on dry land.  

  • For our new NormaTec boots, each 30 minutes is $10 per customer, with a 50% discount (or $5 total) for Marathoner In Training members.

  • Our AlterG antigravity treadmill remains at $10 for 30 minutes, and we still offer a 50% discount on that rate for any MIT member

  • Please call 614-981-1979 to schedule your sessions on either or both of these great Fit For Life Physical Therapy Recovery Room units.

Fit For Life Physical Therapy is proud to be Fleet Feet + FrontRunner’s physical therapy partner.  We will keep you moving – no matter what you do. Contact Fit For Life Physical Therapy at (614) 981-1979 or with your injury prevention, maintenance, or rehabilitation needs!