Summer Vacation Tips

We hope the first part of your summer has been great!  If you are planning a vacation between now and when school starts, or a Labor Day weekend getaway, please enjoy yourself.  A few days away from your training program is not going to set back the fitness base that you have built.

If you want to plan to do some exercise while on your vacation, here are a few things to try:

  • First, finish a strenuous workout before you leave.  In the last couple of days before a vacation, get in one of those long runs or walks, or some speed work, or even a hill workout.  This will allow you to rest and recover on your travel day or your first day in a new location.

  • Second, always remember that some sort of exercise during vacation, even less activity than you normally accumulate, will be better than nothing.  If you can’t find time to walk or run, there are always exercises that you can do at your hotel such as planks, push-ups, or other body weight activities.

  • Third, get your workout underway early.  Your best opportunity to get your daily dose of exercise and cause the least disruption to the rest of your travel party is to squeeze it in before the crew is ready for breakfast.

  • Finally, have some fun.  Use your vacation exercise to explore your new surroundings, be a tourist, find a local place to hike, bike, or hop in a quick 5K.

Have a great second half of your summer!

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